Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Mr Moss, Topman Design SS12
Who wears short-shorts? Topman Design SS12
'Oh, Daddy!' Philip and Chloe Green, MAN SS12
Eye Candy: Nick Grimshaw, Alex Zane and Rick Edwards. MAN FROW SS12
That's a lot of Navajo. MAN SS12
Everything but the kitchen sink
Still my favourite venue, hands down. Royal Opera House

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lost and found, Anya Hindmarch SS12 presentation entrance
Candy striper. Amanda Wakeley SS12
Shooooes. Amanda Wakeley SS12
Pre-show catwalk, Amanda Wakeley SS12
Real life jewellery box ballerina. Meadham Kirchhoff SS12
Even Wintour cracked a smile at Meadham Kirchhoff SS12
Wha-? Do I have something on my face? Meadham Kirchhoff SS12
Courtney Love meets Tavi via Harajuku dancers. Meadham Kirchhoff SS12
Risotto and balloons? It must be Meadham Kirchhoff at the Topshop venue. Meadham Kirchhoff SS12
Final walk, Inbar Spector SS12
a model of concentration. Inbar Spector SS12
Blown away by metallic space ballerinas, definitely one to watch. Inbar Spector SS12
Its all in the detail. Inbar Spector SS12
Peekaboo. Inbar Spector SS12

Monday, 19 September 2011

Reasons to come home
Bonkers and beautiful. Final walk, Louise Gray SS12
I always wonder what the models are thinking about when they walk. Louise Gray SS12
Eat my outfit? YUM. Louise Gray SS12
Who needs a FROW ticket when you can watch Burberry from the comfort of Pizza Express?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Outfit, day three
Do not wash the models’ hair, especially Charlotte Free’s. Post-Topshop Unique SS12
I love Nicola Roberts, even in an Aztec onesie. Topshop Unique SS12
Olivia says HI, Topshop Unique SS12
Taking a moment to swoon over Kate Lanphear. Excuse me. Topshop Unique SS12
Oh, Julia! But where’s your mother? Topshop Unique SS12
Final walk, Topshop Unique SS12
Gladys is the best dressed pug at Topshop Unique. Fact.
Fashion girl crush and fashion royalty. Together. Swoon. Topshop Unique SS12
The first sighting of Wintour, Topshop Unique SS12
FROW love, Topshop Unique SS12
Never been so happy to eat, Topshop Unique SS12
Feeding the fashionable, part two. Topshop Unique SS12
Feeding the fashionable, part one. Topshop Unique SS12
Get ready for a whole host of Topshop Unique postcards…
Amazing hair, fun prints and Bunny sunnies. What’s not to love? Peter Jensen SS12
Electro-bunny, Peter Jensen SS12 presentation
A bit of a zing first thing. Mulberry SS12 queue
Want. Need. Must. Have.
Taking over Claridges, Mulberry SS12