Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Creating my shopping list, first up: more spotty trousers
Ooh pretty necklace:
Need the matching silky shorts to this pyjama-style top:
Saving the best til last. I need this necklace more than oxygen:
Marni at H&M preview, London. In stores March 8th.

More postcards from LFW very soon

Monday, 20 February 2012

Spot the trend, Fashion East AW12
Thank god for the live stream, Michael Van Der Ham AW12
Take a bow, Inbar Spector AW12
Definitely bridal, Inbar Spector AW12
Bridal? Inbar Spector AW12
Favourite look, Inbar Spector AW12
Swoon, Inbar Spector AW12
Jewelled faces and tiny plaits, Inbar Spector AW12
First look, Inbar Spector AW12

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Final walk of the fashion warriors, Florian Jayet AW12
Hair and makeup reminds me of McQueen's Plato's Atlantis collection, Florian Jayet AW12
First look, Florian Jayet AW12
Another beautiful venue, Vauxhall Fashion Scout
Miss the doors? No matter with the Canon cinema, BFC
Clements' models walk too fast, Clements Ribeiro AW12
Lace cats on the FROW, Clements Ribeiro AW12
Ready for day two.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Day one, done.
It's like Jena.Theo read my mind
Oh hi, Alexandra Burke! Basso & Brooke AW12
Totally normal for Fashion Week, Basso & Brooke AW12
So glad not to be sitting behind Jodie Harsh, Basso & Brooke AW12
Beautiful prints, beautiful location. Basso & Brooke AW12
Distracted by chandeliers, My Beautiful Fashion
Wow. My Beautiful Fashion
New meaning to the term support tights, PPQ AW12
THIS was my view during PPQ. Thanks dude.
Oh Pandemonia! PPQ FROW AW12
Lydia Bright, from #TOWIE to #LFW, PPQ AW12
Queuing for PPQ
Fashion week isn't complete without at least one Crazy Hat Lady sighting
Fashion girls need to be able to shop in Topshop at all times, especially LFW. BFC Courtyard
I could have danced all night, Orla Kiely AW12
Live music for the tea dance, Orla Kiely AW12
Tables at a tea dance, Orla Kiely AW12
Finale dress, Corrie Nielsen AW12
Fashion ghost, Corrie Nielsen AW12
Halo on the FROW, Corrie Nielsen AW12
This year, fashionistas are being fed courtesy of Propercorn. Excellent news.
Signs, BFC courtyard